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Male Body Hair Trimming

Neat & Tidy

More & more men have started manscaping to remove or tidy up unwanted body hair to keep everything neat and tidy, and of course, give more definition. 

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For men not fans of waxing or shaving, clippering is an excellent way to rid yourself of unwanted or excess hair. Whether that is your chest, abs, or you want a neater bush, there are many options to choose from. 

Your hair can be trimmed to different lengths for a more natural look. You can have it all clippered off or trimmed, shaped and tidied for a more defined look.

I have been qualified in intimate male grooming for many years and have recently added this back to my catalogue of services.


If you want to combine any manscaping with a massage, please book your massage as usual and include the additional treatment request in the booking form; otherwise, book your grooming treatment as a standalone appointment.

Price List

Under Arms                                                £15

Chest                                                          £20

Abdomen                                                   £20

Chest & Abdomen                                    £30​

Back & Shoulders                                      £30

Intimate Trim/Shaping*                            £45

*Intimate trimming includes the male speedo line (think bikini) and pubic hair (bush). Balls are not included. Please be aware that contact with your genital area, including moving of the penis if required, will occur.