Total Body Relaxation

Naturist massage therapy is a unique concept in male health and wellbeing. Why not come and discover the therapeutic benefits of my naked massage for yourself? They are perfect for men who want to shed mental and physical stress.

As a practising naturist, I enjoy the benefits of being clothing-free at home and outdoors in a peaceful setting. I find naturism to be an excellent and natural catalyst for relaxation. It has a superb holistic and calming approach toward massage, ideal for those looking to escape the outside world for a while. Social nudity has become such a taboo subject over the years, yet more and more men realise the huge benefits of being completely free of clothing and how it allows them to disconnect.

In my experience, this type of massage puts the client at ease, and it also allows me to work freely & closely without the constraints of clothing and completely naked. As a full-body treatment, I will ensure you leave relaxed, refreshed and released of tension. Some find the process has a specific aspect that can heighten the senses. I receive a huge amount of positive feedback about how relaxing it is for clients to have a professional massage with a naturist. Guys, I really enjoy it!

The most requested length of appointment for this style is the 60 or 90-minute option. If it's your first time and you're not sure if this experience is for you, I'd recommend a 45-minute appointment to begin with.

The massage itself is structured as any professional massage treatment is with long flowing, relaxing strokes and pressure. You'll be in safe hands in a relaxed, professional and discreet environment. What better way to have your energy restored?

If you'd like to read a little more, have a look at this blog post dedicated to naturist massage.

Come and see why so many men are repeat clients at Male Massage Surrey. Slots each day are limited and always fill fast - so I recommend booking in ASAP.

You are politely reminded that this is not an Escort service.

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Image: Simon | Male Massage Surrey