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DIY Skincare & Massage

Updated: Apr 1

In a world of tight schedules, harmful pollution, chemically-laden products, high anxiety, and environmental toxin overload, it is impossible for our skin not to feel and show the effects of it all! Thankfully, with a little commitment, you can maintain your skin's natural beauty in the comfort of your own home! Keep reading to get some tips and simple at-home methods to reduce stress, support your skin, and decrease ageing signs!

Cleansing Your Skin

The first step in caring for your skin is to cleanse it properly! Perspiration, grease, dust, dirt, and bacteria all collect on your skin and must be removed entirely. There are many different skin types; oily, dry, sensitive, and prone to acne. Different cleansers do better with each type based on the pH and other varying factors. Cleansing helps clean the skin, open the pores, and allow the skin to absorb best the products you will apply.

To properly cleanse, begin by wetting the face with lukewarm water.