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Lockdown 2.0

Updated: Apr 1

Here we are again, in our second lockdown of the year. Who thought things like this would happen in our lifetime?

For small businesses like mine, these kinds of measures can have devastating effects on our financial stability, that is why I urge you once lockdown is over you continue to support local trade.

Doom and gloom to one side, I am looking forward to seeing old faces and new once this is all over and done with. If the last lockdown is anything to go by, I would suggest getting your bookings in early as the diary filled up in record speed last time. As always, I will do all I can to fit you in wherever possible. I have extended my business hours to 7 pm Mon-Thurs. I have no doubt you'll require some massage relief on the run-up to Christmas.

As always, my 60 & 90-minute nudist massages remain the most popular....and it is by far my favourite massage to give. Working without the restriction of clothing really does allow me to work a lot more closely to my clients. I am, as always, grateful to those clients who respect the 'no touching' rule despite me being so 'up close and personal' as they say. Some contact inevitably happens, it's those with hands like fair-ground grabbers that will be asked to leave.... don't be one of them :)

Before I forget, I've been having a lot of calls from blocked or restricted numbers recently; thankfully, I have an app that automatically disconnects such calls. If you've been trying to get through but haven't been successful, please check the settings on your mobile device. Even though I respect your privacy and contact preferences, I will always require a number for clients.

I look forward to seeing you all after December 2nd. Stay well, and stay safe. Don't overeat!

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