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Male Nudist Massage - What's it all about?

Updated: Apr 1

Naturism is the practice of being completed naked in a social setting. When a new client comes for a massage, they are often surprised that I am a practising nudist (or as some prefer, naturist). I appreciate offering naked massages somewhat of a niche market, yet I enjoy it. If I'm naked, I'm happy.

The names 'nudist' and 'naturist' are often interchangeable, I usually use the term nudist, but I enjoy being naked out in nature. Go figure.

Many believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with being naked, me included. It has become increasingly taboo in today's society because of self-consciousness, mainly due to how body image portrayed on social media.

These days, many people are even embarrassed about getting undressed in the changing rooms at the gym or even using the shower facilities. I grew up in a time when communal showers were a thing, and guys didn't have an issue being naked in front of other men. Being naked to many is the most natural thing in the world. I don't look around to see who's in the changing rooms; I get naked, get showered and get on with my day. I'm the same at the beach or countryside nudist spots; I arrive, get naked and relax and stroll around letting it all flop about.

If you've never tried nudism/naturism before, my suggestion is to get naked when you're at home! Have a wander around the house or apartment and feel the freedom of not wearing clothes. Spend some time doing everyday chores or watching tv. You could even book your next holiday to a naturist resort and enjoy laying around by the pool or beach naked and enjoy the freedom of being naked outdoors. People from all backgrounds choose naturist resorts, from straight to gay couples; side note being naked with other men is not a suggestion of your sexuality. You cannot beat the feeling of showering after being in the pool, walking to the bar and ordering a drink, with no insecurities and a great all-over tan. I've had some great nudist holidays, and only needed clothes when venturing outside the resort.

I offer my services here in Woking as a Male Massage Therapist totally naked, and I love it! A client arrives, they come inside, and I remove my clothing straight away, not only to put the client at ease but to get myself ready for giving a relaxing massage. I love the freedom of it brings and it can be enhanced in the company of other men.

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and don't judge you on package size or age, and we are very understanding and caring people who love to live our lives without the restrictions of clothing. Don't think that naturist guys wander around with constant erections, more than often they are not aroused. Yes, it can happen, that's natural. Often being nude can carry with it, a sexual context, but that is down to the individual, and if it becomes one, that's great, if not, that's also great. There is so much freedom in being naked.

A naturist massage allows you to be completely naked in a discreet and safe environment. For me, as your masseur, it means I don't have clothing restricting my movement; this enables me to move from head to toe freely ensuring all the knots, built-up frustration and tension is released.

There is nothing more relaxing than feeling your Male Masseur up close and feeling the nakedness of him as he massages your body.

I always say to my clients to lay back and relax and enjoy the experience. Often during my massages, I will work very close to my clients, so inevitably you will feel me working against you at some point, but don't let this distract from relaxing, it's all part of the treatment and doesn't mean I'm 'trying it on". Firstly it's practical if I am reaching over you (it's better for the back) and secondly it adds to the unique relaxing experience. A naturist massage is a must for anyone. Come and enjoy the feeling of two men naked together without any expectations or labels.

If you have often wondered what a nudist massage is like, then when you book your next appointment with me, be sure to request one of my relaxing nudist options. I always recommend the 60 or 90 minute massage as it gives you the most time to relax and unwind.

When thinking about a full body massage in Surrey, why not pay me a visit? I look forward to giving you a relaxing naked experience very soon.

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