• Simon | Owner

Welcome to the new website!

Updated: Apr 1

After finally procrastinating over building a new website, I've finally gotten around to putting one together here at Male Massage Surrey.

I started completely from scratch, building a new, improved and 'cleaner' looking site. I hope you're enjoying it so far. I'd tweaked and fiddled with the last site, it was starting to get a little cluttered and messy....the things you do when you have too much time on your hands.

Those of you who've been on the site before will see the navigation is pretty much the same - an intentional move so you don't feel like you've got to go trawling through the menu trying to find things. Happy to hear any feedback if you have any suggestions or requests.

I will be bringing online booking requests back some time in the near future. Watch this space for that appearing soon.

Also returning on this site is the private member's area; feel free to sign up! Within the member's area, there will be behind the scenes updates, a forum, more pictures and a place where you can ask questions and join in discussions. You're also welcome to create your own posts (with or without pictures).