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Erection During Massage: What You Need to Know

A Comprehensive Guide to a Rarely Discussed Element of Relaxation and Well-being

by Male Massage Surrey

Let's Talk Openly

I understand that selecting a massage therapist can be an incredibly personal decision. One concern many men have is the natural physiological response of experiencing an erection during a massage. It can often prove challenging for some men as they're unsure of what to do when it happens. I believe in an open, transparent approach to this subject, so let's discuss it without any taboo.

Why it Happens

First and foremost, an erection is not strictly a sexual response. In fact, it can happen for various reasons — stress relief, hormonal fluctuations, or even room temperature. When you're getting a naturist massage and enjoying the additional relaxation it can bring, your body releases "feel-good" hormones like oxytocin, which could naturally lead to an erection. So, if you're wondering, this is pure biology, not a gauge of sexual interest, sexual orientation or arousal on every occasion. You could, of course, be horny, and that's ok too - there are no judgements here! Naturist massage tends to lean toward more erections than an average massage for a variety of reasons, specifically the way I work around the body with a comprehensive approach.

The Male Massage Surrey Difference: Setting the Gold Standard

In my studio at Male Massage Surrey, my naturist massage is designed to help you relax deeply and connect with your own body in this fully immersive experience, which is why men around the southeast (and often further afield) travel to me for relaxation like no other. I know that an erection during a massage is common, and it's nothing to be concerned about. I see erections every single day, and they do not phase me in the slightest. I see it as a perfectly acceptable and normal bodily function, and by not allowing it to hinder your massage experience, I welcome it so you can completely let go and enjoy a freedom you'll seldom find elsewhere. For more insights into this, you can read my detailed blog post, What happens when things go north? | How do you deal with an erection during a massage?

My Core Values: Discretion and Professionalism

In my practice, discretion and professionalism are paramount. If you experience an erection during the massage, you can trust that I will continue to offer you a relaxing massage whilst ensuring maximum comfort and respect. Many of my clients forgo the need to be covered with a towel whether they get erections or not. That said, you are more than welcome to be covered with a towel if it will make you feel more at ease. I always act with discretion when clients visit me, and you can rest assured that if you get an erection, that remains confidential and between you and me.

Your Experience, Your Comfort: Putting You First

When you walk into my home studio, it's all about you. Every measure is taken to ensure that your experience is tailored to your comfort level. Whether it's your first time or you're a regular client, I always strive to foster a comfortable, judgment-free environment. This extends to how I handle an erection during a massage, treating it as the natural reaction to the massage that it is. Naturist massage may, on some occasions, add to the body's achieving an erection, but again, don't let this weigh on your mind; let it be what it is and focus on being relaxed.

Why Choose Male Massage Surrey: The Authentic Connection

One reason many choose my services at Male Massage Surrey over other providers is the level of connection and genuine care. I offer more than just a standard massage; it's a holistic and immersive experience. If you've read my blog post on this topic, you already know how I view human physiology and its various reactions, erections included, as something not to be ashamed of but understood and respectfully acknowledged as part of the treatment. 

What to Expect: The Full Picture

You'll experience a seamless blend of relaxation and professionalism when you arrive at my studio. Should an erection occur, my approach is always respectful, discreet, and focused on your overall well-being and relaxation. My goal is to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and unburdened by any concerns you might have had initially and that your tension is released through relaxation. I recommend reading the page dedicated to New Clients next.


Answering Your Questions

  • Is it common to experience an erection during a massage? Absolutely, it's natural and more common than you might think. I'm fully trained to handle it discreetly. My advice is to go with the flow and lay back and relax.

  • How do I manage it if it occurs? Your comfort is my main priority. You can be covered with a towel if you wish, either for the whole treatment or if you get an erection and would rather not have it uncovered. There are towel techniques that can be employed to discretely cover your erection without disrupting the flow of the massage (if you wish). Otherwise, I suggest, laying back, not worrying about it and enjoy the freedom of being hard without it being a problem.

  • What if I feel embarrassed? It's human to feel a little awkward at times, but I assure you there's no need. I understand this is a natural physiological occurrence and treat it as such. It is just you and I in the room so keep this in mind when enjoying your relaxing massage. Again, you can request a towel if you wish, I always have plenty on standby for a variety of reasons.

For a full list of FAQ's, please head to the FAQ Page. I also have a page dedicated to New Clients, which you can also spend some time reading. If there's a question you'd like answered that isn't on my website, please send me an email or a WhatsApp message.

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