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Gay Massage Surrey

Join my Online Naturist Club
• Save up to £20 off every massage!
• Chat with other Members in a very
vibrant group 🔥 

• Naturist & Naked Content 
• Wide Group of Guys Both Friendly and Fun!

• Behind-the-scenes Content
• Additional Discord Channels for Chatting & Sharing!
• Cancel Anytime

Step into My Community of Naked Guys.

Are you a seasoned naturist, curious about the lifestyle and being naked, or somewhere in between? As well as great discounts on every Naturist Massage, you can be a part of a great group of guys who love to chat, share and get naked!

Why My Patreon Community?

I chose Patreon to give you an experience that’s as flexible as it is rewarding. This isn't just a subscription; it's a membership to a club of great guys who love to get naked. Immediately dive into benefits that speak to your unique interests. Plus, you’ll never miss out with automatic updates on monthly discount codes and special offers. 


Please note that Patreon is the access point - the main content is on our Discord Channels. Once you sign up for the VIP Membership on Patreon, connect your Discord profile and you will be automatically added to the Naturist Club Discord Group, where you'll find a fantastic group of friendly guys who are open, fun, engaging and creating a safe space to be and share yourself, it's a great place to let it all hang out without judgement! Or you can be a casual viewer and simply enjoy the discounts. 

Not connecting Discord means you'll miss out on the chat, video rooms, and community interactions.

Please only join if you are OVER 18 and comfortable with male nudity in all forms - there are minimal restrictions inside the Discord group.

Why Wait? Join today!

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"After the perfect massage, with a decent first timer's discount(!) the added bonus was an invitation to join this friendly, online group of like-minded men. (And also to get serious money off all future treatments, which I'm definitely coming back for!) The MMS VIP Club welcomes you in, for easy chat with a bunch of instant mates. I didn't know what I'd been missing. Don't hesitate! ;0)"
VIP - £4.99/month*

Elevate your relaxation and naked journey for just £4.99* a month.


Join the growing community of men who embrace the freedom of naturism and understand the value of authentic connections on dedicated Discord channels.

Join today, and you'll enjoy exclusive perks, including £20 off EVERY massage you book. There's no limit to how many times a month you can use the discount codes too. 

Connect with other men of all shapes and sizes in our unique Discord community. Here, you can share your experiences, explore your interests (from mild to wild), and dive into a world where mutual respect and confidentiality are paramount. It's a place where you can embrace nudity in a fun, light-hearted way. We've got rooms dedicated to general chat, to more specialised rooms focussed on topic-specific content such as naturism and some geared around topics a little more spicy - so there's something for everyone.

The Discord channels offer something for everyone. You can join various topic-specific rooms and even engage in live video chats to meet new friends in real time. 

Remember, you can cancel at any time. Click 'Join Now' and start enjoying all the benefits of membership. Come and discover what you're missing.

*Excludes VAT. Please note that prices may show in USD if your location is not enabled on your browser. I recommend using Google Chrome or the Patreon App.

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Why Join the Naturist Club Community?

Becoming a part of our unique naked community offers so much more than just discounts, it's a place to be naked in a safe space. If massages are your thing, you can save a great deal! For instance, as a VIP  member, you can save over £35 on just two 60-minute massages valued at £80 each. 

How Will You Benefit from The Membership?

From exclusive discounts to tantalising image collections and a thriving Discord community, there's something for everyone.

Not Interested in Monthly Massages?

No worries! Massages are just the tip of the iceberg. The community on Discord is a vibrant bunch of guys chatting about various topics, from naturism and beyond. With image and video sharing and direct messaging you can connect with like-minded guys in a safe space.

What if You're Only Interested in One Benefit?

Even if you're initially attracted to just one perk, you'll quickly discover that the entire package enhances your experience. Who knows, you might find new favourites you hadn't anticipated!

Can You Find These Discounts Elsewhere?

Nope. These benefits are exclusively offered to our Naturist Club community, providing a unique wellness experience that you won't encounter anywhere else. Spaces in the VIP Club are limited and new spaces only open up once every 2 months.

I Want To Sign Up But The Prices are Showing in US Dollars why is That?

Patreon automatically detects your country via your browser and will, in most cases show membership fees in your local currency. However, some browsers such as Safari can block your location if it is not enabled. I recommend enabling this for your browser or downloading the app and subscribing from there, lastly you can try an alternative browser such as Google Chrome which works perfectly.

What If You're Not UK-Based?

No worries at all! I welcome members from around the globe. Whether you're interested in wellness, premium content, or connecting globally, sharing thoughts and pictures, we've got something for everyone. I have members from several different countries! Remember the Discord channels give you the opportunity to chat and explore naturism, nakedness and much, much more!

What is Discord, and Why Join?

Discord is a dynamic platform that fosters real-time communication via text, voice, and video, making it an excellent addition to the VIP experience. Patreon's chat functions are quite limited therefore Discord complements the static content, updates, and behind-the-scenes insights you find on Patreon with real-time, live interaction and discussion. Both connect seamlessly and ensure a smooth membership experience. Leave your inhibitions and clothes at the door! Please note that you cannot access the private Discord channels without an existing membership. You will find the majority of content is in Discord which is very lively, interactive and naked! Patreon is where you'll find the basics including your monthly discount codes.

Is Discord Safe and Private?

Absolutely! All our channels are private and age-restricted. You can use usernames for added discretion, ensuring a safe and private experience for all members. If someone isn't a paid member through Patreon, they cannot access the Discord chat and video channels.

How Do You Access Discord?

It's easy! Join through its desktop app, mobile app, or web browser. You'll receive an email with access details once you become a VIP member. Just make sure Discord is connected to Patreon through the Patreon settings, a quick setup that takes only seconds. Once they're connected you can access the Naturist Club Server where all the fun happens. Any problems do let me know.

What Can You Do on Discord?

From chatting, video chat to sharing media, Discord offers an interactive space, separate from Patreon, where you can connect with the community in real time. It's where we engage, share, and create a vibrant and dynamic naturist experience together. Please note that naturist and associated content will be classified as NSFW (not safe for work).


Plan Cancellation: You have the flexibility to cancel your plan at any point in time. The subscriber's sole responsibility, not Male Massage Surrey, is to handle the plan's cancellation. Your VIP member status will be removed immediately upon cancellation, and you will lose access to all benefits, including discount codes - bookings made after cancellation will be charged at full price.

Refunds: Due to the unique nature of the huge discounts offered, I cannot issue refunds for any payments made. I strongly encourage you to manage your plans accordingly. If you decide to cancel your project, please follow the abovementioned process.

Please note: Cancellations and refunds are subject to the terms of my Agreement. By continuing with your subscription, you agree to these terms. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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