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Surrey Male Massage


Are you looking for more than just your standard massage? You're in the right place! My Male Naturist Massage is far from ordinary, explicitly designed for men seeking to escape from the hustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in a sensual world of clothing-free relaxation with a clothing-free massage therapist. Come and see why I have over 600 clients on my books!

Discover the Power of Naturist Massage: My naturist massage offers a judgement-free space with an ethos centred around total body relaxation and full tension relief supported by a calming atmosphere and nudity. Regardless of body type or sexuality, everyone is welcome. Here's how it can make a difference:


Embrace Pure Calm

Slip into the easy-going peace that naturism brings. Shed your clothes, block out the world, and welcome in a well-deserved chill.

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Experience a Close Connection

Enjoy the experience of professional relaxation during your massage. Allow your senses to calm and drift off into peace as your tension is released.


Awaken Your Body

Get treated to long strokes and firm pressure that fits your needs, all while covered in warm oil. An experience that refreshes, relaxes, and eases all stress

About your Naturist Massage: My Full-Body, all over Naturist Massage promises a comprehensive treatment from your calves to your neck and those often neglected and avoided areas by other massage therapists. Whether you opt for a 60-minute introductory session or a more indulgent 90-minute escape (other durations available), you're bound to leave feeling renewed, relaxed, and free from muscular tension.

Book your Naturist Massage Today: With a maximum of three clients seen daily, booking your session now guarantees a tension-relieving experience. Loyal clients from all over the Southeast frequently return for my signature naturist massage in Surrey. Slots fill up very quickly!

Still have questions? Please visit my FAQ page or get in touch directly during business hours. Check out my blog page for many articles about naturist massage and more.

It's more than just a massage - a immersive relaxation experience that encourages body positivity celebrates being naked, and provides a unique, relaxing experience open to everyone. Immerse yourself in the freedom of naturism and ultimate tension relief. Enhance your experience further while saving money as a Male Massage Surrey Member; visit the memberships page for more information.

Your Therapist

Simon - Owner

As an experienced naturist massage provider, I use relaxing and focused techniques, music, and whole-body movement and connection to create deeply relaxing, blissful experiences. I am proud to practice naturism, a freedom that enhances my massages and promotes a unique sense of liberation. Featured on respected platforms like Travel Gay and Touch of London, I offer a select number of tailored sessions each day. Discover the benefits of naturism today, and book your personalised full body session.


The Magic of Naturist Massage at Male Massage Surrey

I'm guessing you've had some questions swirling in your mind about a full-body massage for men. Like, should you get a massage? What to wear during one? Or perhaps that ever so awkward topic – what if you get an erection during the massage? No worries, I've got your answers!

Meet Naturist Massage, my signature service. It's routed in Swedish massage that decided to go 'au naturel' and embrace nakedness at its best. Imagine a full-body treat that leaves you feeling liberated, all in a chilled and private setting delivered to you by an experienced Massage Therapist who is also a naturist.

Stress has a way of settling into our bodies. Maybe in your neck, shoulders, or those sneaky spots like your glutes and inner thighs. In a Naturist Massage, I ensure no area of tension is left out. Every bit of you gets the attention it deserves.

Clothes, you ask? In a Naturist Massage, less is more. That's right, no clothes – just you experiencing a massage in the buff. But remember, this is about your comfort, so you call the shots if you'd like to be covered or keep your underwear on.

Life can often feel like a never-ending to-do list, can't it? That's where massage comes in. It's not a luxury but a must-have pitstop for self-care.

At Male Massage Surrey, each session is your timeout. It's your opportunity to unwind, hit the reset button, and just be. If you've asked yourself, "Should I get a massage?" I say, "Yes! Absolutely!" Your body deserves a little TLC.

Book your Naturist Massage session today. Remember, this isn't just a massage; it's a welcome escape for your body and mind and full tension release.

Naturist Massage Services
  • Full-body Naturist Massage.

    45 min

    65 British pounds
  • Full-body Naturist Massage.

    1 hr

    80 British pounds
  • Full-body Naturist Massage.

    1 hr 15 min

    95 British pounds
  • Full-body Naturist Massage.

    1 hr 30 min

    110 British pounds
  • Full-body Naturist Massage.

    2 hr

    175 British pounds



Yesterday, I visited MMSurrey for the first time and it was nothing short of awesome. Today, I woke up an hour earlier than normal, after an unusually deep sleep, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend paying Simon a visit, if you wish to reconnect with your body’s natural ability to relax and recuperate.

Rene - October 2023


Amazing hands - first-time visit and definitely won’t be the last! Totally relaxed and de-stressed.

Paul - May 2023


Simon has the most amazing touch and is strong yet gentle, making you relax and unwind with ease. He has an easygoing manner but is very efficient and organised. I have visited several times and will continue to do so. I look forward to every visit

Ian - April 2023


Simon is a first-class massage therapist because he is very professional and also super knowledgeable/skilled in giving a perfect naturist massage. As a holistic and aroma massage therapist, I highly recommend Simon's services.

Chris - March 2023

To read about my client experiences, visit the reviews page

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