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This page explains in detail how the online booking system works. The system enables you to select an appointment date, duration and time that suits you. As I am a small business and I handle booking requests manually, this page gives you a behind-the-scenes roadmap of the whole process (including automations I have set up) from start to finish.


The only steps that require client action are 1, 6 & 7.


Client Selects Appointment

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  • Client checks availability* by clicking Book Online.

  • They select the appointment duration & date that they want to book.

  • Client completes all of the required booking details, double-checking them for accuracy and then clicks 'Request to Book'.

*Online booking is always up to date - if there have been any cancellations, they will be shown as vacant appointments.


Automatic Acknowledgement Sent

  • Automated system sends client an acknowledgement email outlining the request. There is nothing else client needs to do. They don't need to follow up with a text/call/email unless they need assistance.

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In-app Notification & Email

  • An in-app notification is received on my website management app. I also receive an email notifying me of the appointment request with a copy of the client's booking form.


Appointment Approved

  • Client's contact details are validated to ensure I have been provided with the correct information and/or the request is genuine.

  • I 'approve' the booking request via my website management app. This automatically triggers step 5.

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Confirmation Email Sent

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  • Wix sends an automatic summary email outlining the confirmation & appointment details.

  • As the above email cannot be edited - An automation also sends client the 'Here's your appointment info' email that contains my address details & other handy info.


Client Receives Confirmation

  • The client will now have both emails in their inbox.

  • The client will have checked their spam folder before getting in touch if they are not readily visible.

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24 Hours before Client Appointment

  • Wix sends client an automatic reminder email outlining appointment details.

  • This email contains their 'check-in' link that they click, tick a box and submit (to confirm their attendance).

  • Same-day appointments: Check-in link is also in the 'Here's your appointment info email' so client can check in a minimum of 12 hours before (if booked more than 24 hours in advance) or 4 hours before (if booked less than 24 hours in advance). Last-minute bookings are still required to check-in to prevent no-show's.

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