Below you'll find a list of commonly asked questions. If there's a question you have that is not featured below, please feel free to get in touch via WhatsApp or Email during business hours. 

What oil do you use?

I use Grapeseed oil which is unscented and is well known for being:

  • One of the most popular oils used in massage and aromatherapy

  • A great, light oil, superb in its versatility that can be used on all areas of the body.

  • Perfect oil for lotions, soaps and creams

  • High in linoleic acid and Vitamin E

List What should I wear during my massage?

I usually advise removing everything. There will be a towel used to cover you to keep you warm during the treatment. If you prefer to wear underwear, that is absolutely OK with me; I can tailor the massage to avoid the glutes and top of the quads.

Is the service you provide discreet & confidential?

Yes absolutely. I also ask my clients to observe the same respect for me as a therapist. I only ever take a first name and a contact number for bookings. All GDPR laws are complied with.

What if I fall asleep?

If you do, I take that as a huge compliment. Go for it! Just know I'll be fist-bumping myself for a job well done, either that or my conversational skills need work.

Is it ok to have a conversation during my massage?

Yes, absolutely, however, to experience the most significant relaxation possible, I usually advise clients to enjoy the quiet time, the relaxing music and the complete pampering of a full body massage. 

What if I become aroused?

It's not anything I haven't seen before! This is an entirely normal, natural way for the body to react, especially when you have a long, slow relaxing treatment.

When I massage the legs and close to the groin with warm hands and lots of oil, this can often stir things in motion; It doesn't offend me in the slightest. Things start heading 'north' for most of my clients, but whether you do or don't isn't an issue (FYI, the other 5% are usually asleep).

I know that these things are beyond our control as a fellow man. Just lay back and don't let it weigh on your mind; that way, you can experience total relaxation and enjoy being pampered. My advice is that if you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to ask me. As an aside, you have the option to be covered with a towel during your massage.

During my massage am I allowed to touch you?

The focus of the massage is your well-being and relaxation, and therefore touching me is not permitted.  As I am working very closely next to you during your naturist massage, there may be occasions during your massage where body contact will occur on my part, for example, when I am reaching over your upper body. However, I ask you to please act respectfully and keep your arms on the table. Despite the niche market of naturist massage, this remains a professional massage therapy service.

What areas do you cover in the full-body massage?

Full length of the legs from the Hips, Quads & Calves, Upper & Lower Back, Shoulders, arms, buttocks (Glute muscles only), feet etc.

I recommend positioning yourself with your arms by your sides and your legs shoulder-width apart, or wider if you prefer. This allows me to access the entire length of your hamstrings & inner thighs) That said, I want you to be comfortable, so feel free to find a laying position that is comfortable for you.

Do you offer any other forms of massage such as Deep-Tissue, Sports, Tantric or Couples?

I get asked this a lot. I'm afraid I don't. Swedish massage, both clothed and naked, is the only style I offer. If you require relaxation, Swedish is the way to go.

I'm a little nervous as I've not had a naturist massage before. Is that ok?

I will do everything I can to put you at ease. I'm very laid back and relaxed. I want you to leave feeling like no stone has been left unturned and that you're suitably zoned out from a great time on the massage table. My service is unhurried, and I always make sure that appointments are well-spaced.

Are your massages for any sexuality?

Absolutely! A client's sexual preference, whether Straight, Gay or Bi, is no bearing on the service you receive. Some straight clients find it more relaxing to be massaged naked by a man. However, your identify isn't essential to me - your relaxation is. If it puts you at ease, I will anticipate that over 90% of my clients are straight. Just come, have a superb relaxing massage and leave any preconceptions at the door.

Are your massages only for those who go to the gym?

My massages are for any man who needs relaxing. The body comes in all shapes and sizes. Please note for health and safety reasons, my massage table has a working height of 211cm/83" and a working weight of 21St/127kgs. 

I've sent you a WhatsApp, when can I expect a reply?

You will receive an auto-reply straight away. WhatsApp Business accounts have this feature enabled. This will acknowledge your message and give you the link to online booking.

My online booking page will speed up the booking process, and you can also check availability here also, thus negating having to wait for a response. 

I reply to messages sent during business hours as soon as practicable, which is ordinarily in between appointments if there is time. Please note that I will never pause a massage to answer calls or reply to messages. My attention and focus are 100% on my client.

If you're someone who prefers to book via WhatsApp/Text, please ensure you include the type, duration and preferred time in your opening message to reduce excessive back and forth exchanges.

What are your opening hours? Can I message you outside of these hours?

Mon-Fri:  0930am - 7pm
Saturday / Sunday: Closed

Time off is valuable to us all; it allows us to unwind from the day and disconnect. Calls & texts outside of my working hours will be responded to during the times above only, and my work number is not monitored when I've put my feet up for the day.

Please note that calls from withheld numbers are automatically blocked.

Do you take last-minute appointments?

Yes absolutely. The minimum amount of notice I require is 90 Mins. 

That said, I recommend booking in advance wherever possible to avoid disappointment as my diary fills up very quickly. 

I usually add any last-minute availability to my mobile app - Click here to download If required enter the invite code KTMKVK.

How do I check your availability?

Head to the online booking page. Select the massage and duration you're interested in and click 'request to book' (don't worry, this does not commit you to a booking).

You'll then be presented with a list of all available appointments. If you wish to book, continue with the booking process.

If you have a question about available cancellations these will also be listed. Once an appointment is cancelled, it is added back to the calendar. 

How do I book an appointment?

The quickest option and one that handles all your details in one go is to book online. Some clients prefer to book via Text/WhatsApp, which is not a problem; check availability on the online booking page first, then send me a message with the date & slot you'd like.

You can also check availability and book via my mobile app. Click here to download If required enter the invite code KTMKVK.
Please only make a booking request if you are confident of your availability. I, unfortunately, am not in a position to 'pencil' clients in as this can obstruct appointment times for others.  My Booking and Cancellation policy is featured on the price list page.

I want to book for me and my partner, is there somewhere he can wait?

I'm afraid not. I don't have anywhere partners or friends can wait while you have your massage. You will need to make other arrangements. I only accept one client at a time. Once your massage is finished there is also a buffer time in between appointments to allow me to clean and sanitise everything as well as time to have a break to recharge the batteries.

Do you offer appointments outside of your normal business hours?

Not at the moment. 

Can I pay with cash?

Yes, of course! You are asked to have the correct amount to reduce any handling of cash. I will have a tray you can place it into. Please ensure you have the correct amount as I do not keep cash in the building. 

Do you offer massages for Women too?

I don't. This is not a discriminatory practice but purely a personal choice to offer my services exclusively to men. Putting it bluntly, I know my way around a man's body better. Here at Male Massage Surrey, I take great pride in providing the best relaxation experience purely for men.

How does your pricing structure work and are you flexible with your charges?

My pricing remains fixed. Despite the substantial cost of living increasing vastly, my prices have not increased in over four years. 

My pricing reflects my many years of expertise, the quality of my massages, and the level of first-class service received while remaining comparable and competitive. My naturist massage is the core of my business and is priced accordingly. 99% of my client base opts for this treatment option. 


I have now introduced some discounted packages and offered reduced pricing for NHS staff / Blue Light Cardholders and some other organisations. Click here to see the offers.

Do you offer a mobile service too?

Not at the moment. I work better in my own apartment; this allows me to offer a better level of service. I have my apartment set up like most professional home studios. Along with my massage table and professional products, there are freshly laundered towels, a place to leave valuables, a hand-sanitiser, and above all, a warm, relaxing room with candles and soft music ready for you to lay back and relax. Come and visit me for the best Swedish Massage in Surrey.

Do you offer any additional services or 'extras'?

You're more than welcome to tip me for my dazzling wit and sense of humour after your treatment if you like. But if you're looking for someone to change a fan belt or plaster walls, then I'm afraid I can't help.

Despite the niche market of naturist massage, this is not a green light for requesting anything other than the services featured on this website.

I do not offer any sort of escort/sex services. Naturism/being nude does not equal sex.

Do you have any pictures of yourself on the website?

I do - I'm at the top of the about page and the Naturist and Swedish Massage pages. I do not send pictures via text or email. My extensive client base, repeat bookings and ten years of running a successful massage therapy business are a testament to the high-quality massage they receive. If you're in any doubt if my services are for you, please spend time reading some of my 5-star reviews. 

What's the difference between a naturist/nudist and a naturalist?

Like all labels, the answer really depends on whom you ask. The two terms are somewhat interchangeable, with “naturist” being the preferred term for people who enjoy being nude in public settings.

Side note (and an often misused descriptor) a 'naturalist' is 'an expert in or student of natural history' - could prove awkward!

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

I require 24 hours notice to cancel appointments. Please see my booking cancellation policy

Please note that 'no-shows' are unacceptable. If you cannot make your appointment, please let me know ASAP so your slot can be offered to someone else. I ask all clients to support small businesses responsibly.

You can also manage your bookings on my mobile app. Click here to download If required enter the invite code KTMKVK.

Have you had your COVID vaccinations?

Yes. I have had three doses of the vaccine. For more information about my COVID policy and procedures please click here.

What additional cleaning processes do you have in place regarding COVID?

Thorough cleaning and sanitising of equipment always took place after each client, even before COVID appeared. That said, I no longer use 'couch covers' (the cloth kind) on my massage table. I only use disposable couch roll. After every client's departure, all additional surfaces, such as door handles, taps, etc, are sanitised with an industry-standard antibacterial solution. This includes the floor mats that my massage table is standing on.


"Simon was relaxed and professional, creating a calm and welcoming environment. The massage was unhurried and thorough. I particularly enjoyed the naturist aspect of the massage which creates a trusting relationship between the client and the masseur. I left feeling completely relaxed. Thoroughly recommended." - Keith