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What happens when things go north? | How do deal with an erection during a massage.

Updated: Apr 5

When searching for 'How to find a professional male massage therapist' on google, there can be several all comes down to personal preference from the type of massage therapy treatments available to the gender of the massage therapist the individual prefers.

In my now 9 years of experience as a professional Massage Therapist, one of the main underlying reasons men prefer to be massaged by other men is so that they don't feel self-conscious if things start to head north. You guessed it; I'm talking arousal.

It can be quite disconcerting for a man to be having a massage, experiencing the height of relaxation only for part of his anatomy to start saying, "you might be relaxed, but I am well and truly awake." It can be nerve-wracking, and it can even put men off from experiencing all that massage therapy treatments have to offer for fear of it happening.

I like to remind potential clients that the benefits they will expe