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What happens when things go north? | How do deal with an erection during a massage.

Updated: Apr 5

When searching for 'How to find a professional male massage therapist' on google, there can be several all comes down to personal preference from the type of massage therapy treatments available to the gender of the massage therapist the individual prefers.

In my now 9 years of experience as a professional Massage Therapist, one of the main underlying reasons men prefer to be massaged by other men is so that they don't feel self-conscious if things start to head north. You guessed it; I'm talking arousal.

It can be quite disconcerting for a man to be having a massage, experiencing the height of relaxation only for part of his anatomy to start saying, "you might be relaxed, but I am well and truly awake." It can be nerve-wracking, and it can even put men off from experiencing all that massage therapy treatments have to offer for fear of it happening.

I like to remind potential clients that the benefits they will experience during massage therapy far outweigh any chance that an erection might occur. When we think about it on a physiological level, massage therapy releases oxytocin into the blood. Oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter and is often referred to as one of our "happy hormones." And as such, when this is released, a reaction to this may well be an erection.

Sometimes when this happens, especially for heterosexual men, they can become very self-conscious and embarrassed. A question that may add to their anxiety is, does this bring into question their sexuality? I can categorically say - not at all. While an erection can indicate being physiologically aroused, it does not necessarily indicate the presence of emotional or sexual desire.

Touch administered to any part of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a partial or complete erection and as I tend to work at the very top of the thigh and the pubic region, this kind of full body massage can exacerbate it somewhat. I'd say the only form that doesn't have this effect is Sports Massage!

Some clients can experience guilt because they're married or have a significant other - but what is worthy of a note is that your body is acting exactly how it's designed to. There should be no guilt attached to things working as they should. Men can even experience guilt in the form of offending me as the massage therapist; personally, I see it as a compliment that my massage therapy techniques are working on a level that brings about the release of those happy hormones.

Any massage therapist worth their weight in gold will know exactly how to deal with an erection, and speaking from experience, I see them all the time. I provide a towel for men to drape over themselves. There are universal towel techniques (yup, that's a thing) to maintain clients' dignity when massaging the buttocks or having the client turn over on the massage table for the rest of the treatment. At the other end of the scale, I have plenty of clients who embrace the full naturist massage ethos and do not wish to be covered at all. The choice is always down to the individual. And while I don't recommend it, clients are permitted to keep their underwear on as well if they'd prefer.

So when you're booking your massage with me, know that you are in skilful hands, and if you do experience arousal, it is not anything I haven't seen or dealt with before. And remember, client confidentiality is paramount. When you step through my door, the time is devoted to you and you alone. It is for your relaxation, full tension release, your mental health and much more. As I always like to say, "your body will thank you for it." So if you come for your massage therapy and things start heading north....go with it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this before booking your appointment for any of my massage treatments, I'm more than happy to answer them. I guarantee they have been asked before so please don't be concerned, I'm a friendly male massage therapist whose primary goal is to ensure your relaxation. Remember I offer both Swedish Massage and Naturist Massage.

Male Massage Surrey is located in Woking and offers both Naturist and Swedish Massage treatments for men. You can find out more information at

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