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What happens when things go north? | How do you deal with an erection during a massage?

Updated: Apr 9

Here's the deal, gentlemen. Hunting down a solid male massage therapist is more complex than punching a 'professional male massage therapist' into Google. We each have our reasons, ranging from the kind of massage therapy we're after to the gender of the person working on our knots. In my career as a hands-on massage therapist, I've noticed something curious. Many gents prefer a male therapist because they don't worry about popping a salute midway through a massage. We're talking about the often unspoken, sometimes alarming, but perfectly natural phenomenon: erections during a massage.

Picture this: You're melting into the massage table, waves of relaxation lapping over you, when suddenly, your penis declares, "The rest of you might be chilling, but I'm up and ready for action." This can be downright uncomfortable for some guys, even scaring them away from the magic of massage therapy. But let me set the record straight - the perks of massage far outweigh any 'unwanted' salute.

Here's a crash course in biology for you: massage therapy triggers the release of oxytocin - the "feel-good" hormone. This guy acts as a neurotransmitter, which may cause your manhood to stand at attention when released.

Straight, guys, listen up. If you get an erection during a naturist massage, it can throw you for a loop. You might feel awkward, even embarrassed. Hell, you might start questioning your sexuality or try to hide the fact that your soldier is standing tall. Let me assure you an erection doesn't define your sexual orientation, not even remotely.

The truth is, any kind of touch can spark off your parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a full-on or semi-erection. My massages involve close work with your body, and this full contact might make your buddy downstairs a bit more enthusiastic.

Now, some of you might feel guilty about all of this, mainly if you're hitched or seriously dating. But here's the thing - your body's doing what Mother Nature intended. No need to feel guilty about a perfectly normal physiological response. If anything, take it as a compliment that my massage techniques are getting your 'happy hormones' flowing.

Every massage therapist worth their salt knows how to handle the unexpected. I've seen it all, gentlemen; trust me, nothing surprises me! For those who prefer a little cover, I offer a towel, and I've got some neat towel techniques to keep things dignified when dealing with the glutes or when you need to turn over.

That said, plenty of clients fully embrace the naturist massage mantra and opt to go full commando, salute or sleeping soldier. Always remember whether it's your call to cover up or let it all hang out. And although I wouldn't usually recommend it, you're welcome to keep your briefs on if it makes you feel more comfortable.

So when you're ready to book your massage, rest assured you're in good hands. If your soldier decides to stand tall, it's no big deal. I've seen it before. Remember, your privacy is my top priority. From the moment you step through my door, it's all about you - your relaxation, tension release, improving mental and physical well-being, and a lot more. As I always say, "Your body will thank you." So if Junior decides to wake up during your massage...just roll with it.

If you've got questions or concerns about any of this, don't hesitate to give me a shout. I can guarantee they've been asked before...just keep it clean.😁

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