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Client Spotlight - Darren

Updated: Feb 5

Welcome to the first Client Spotlight post.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be interviewing some of my regular (and new) clients and featuring them in their own centre-stage post. I'll be asking each client a series of questions that invites them to share their experiences, insights & tips from a client's perspective as a valued customer of Male Massage Surrey.


naturist massage service

This Client Spotlight post features Darren. Darren has been a regular client of mine and visits for a 90-minute naturist massage on average once a month.

It was actually his idea about the client spotlight posts, so I've taken his lead and invited him to be the first!

If you think you'd like to be part of future Client Spotlight posts, please send me an email at

How did you discover Male Massage Surrey?

Like most people, I guess, I did an online search via Google for a male Massage Therapist in Woking, and your services came up. I live in Camberley, but as I work in Woking, it made sense to find one where I can step out of the office and straight into relaxation.

Did you find it easy to book an appointment?

Yes absolutely! I'm always busy with work stuff and don't have time to be phoning around different massage therapists, so the fact you have online booking was ideal. I chose an appointment time that worked for me, filled in the form, and that was it. I was amazed at how efficient and professional it was. The booking emails came through, and you had thought of every detail, even down to shower facilities and how early I could arrive. It was impressive, to say the least.

What was it about Male Massage Surrey that stood out to you?

Without repeating myself too much, it was your attention to detail and professionalism; obviously, you and I hadn't met, so the website stood out at first. Again, every conceivable detail and question had been answered. You had clearly looked at your website design from a client's perspective and built it around that. Other than that, it was all of the positive reviews. One thing I often do if I'm buying or booking anything is to look at the feedback. It was clear from your Google Business profile and featured reviews that your existing clients valued your services, professionalism and the quality of your massage. The last thing I would add was that I'd never tried a Naturist Massage. That whole concept was alien to me, and I wanted to try it and see how it compared to a regular massage....and I was not disappointed.

What were your first impressions when you arrived for your massage?

Firstly, the directions and instructions for parking in the private car park were spot on! I arrived, parked my car and was on my way up to your spotless apartment with ease. Being greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello was the first thing I noticed, and I immediately felt at ease. You welcomed me in, took me through to the room where you were set up and explained everything. Again, I was blown away by the professional set-up, from the comfy table with fresh-smelling towels to the hand sanitiser, the funny sign in the bathroom about washing hands, and the one politely reminding me to put my phone on silent. You had thought of and considered everything.

Did you have any apprehensions?

I was a little nervous; I'd never had a Naturist Massage before and I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm going into someone's home whom I don't know, and obviously, I wanted a relaxing experience despite my nerves. The fact that you got undressed first put my mind at ease; it took away any worry about the whole experience - plus you have an amazing body and I enjoyed seeing that without clothes if you don't mind me saying!

How was your massage?

Where to start?! As soon as you put your hands on me, I knew it would be amazing. The sense of connection from your hands and the fact you work so close combined with the warm, gentle touch dispelled any remaining nerves. The pressure was spot on, the oil was warm, the room temperature was perfect, and the massage was out of this world, everything just flowed and I liked how much contact there was from all areas. I don't know how you do it, but as soon as you put your hands on me, I felt instantly calm and strange, to You place a lot of trust in someone when you allow them to touch you, and you make it feel effortless.

What did you enjoy the most?

It's hard to pinpoint it to just one thing. It would be everything I mentioned above coupled with the fact that you work with the whole body. You said on the site that going to a spa, for example, the massages there often miss key areas or don't cover the full area. I liked that you massaged the whole leg and didn't just skim over it as some do; it was noticeable and very relaxing. I had a massage a year or two ago, and the therapist didn't even go anywhere near my inner thigh, which I can understand as it can be a sensitive area, but you didn't; you included it all and the glutes as well. Wherever your hands went felt amazing. I genuinely felt like I was on another planet when it was over; I was in a relaxed and in a zen-like state of mind.

Did you think it was good value for money?

In short, yes. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. Could I have found a massage therapist in Woking who has lower prices? Yes, of course....but the sheer quality of the massage with you, Simon, at Male Massage Surrey makes it very worth it. It is most definitely a high-quality experience and worth every penny. Plus, if you were to look at how much these Spas charge, you are most definitely affordable and competitive. I also look at the convenience of it all, the ease of travel and parking, the individual service, the discreetness (not that I need that, but I can see why it's appealing) and the fact that you're a professional and you know what you're doing.

Would you visit again?

This question made me laugh as you know, I've already got my next two massages booked this time, but for anyone else reading this - yes, of course, it goes without saying.

What advice would you give to anyone considering making an appointment?

Do it! You will not regret the experience that Simon at Male Massage Surrey offers. But do book in advance if you can. The mistake I made at first was seeing all these vacant slots and then going back only to find out they'd all been booked! Now I'm in the habit of booking my next appointment straight after the one I've just had.

Clients featured in the Spotlight posts were not paid or given any freebies in exchange for their feedback.


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