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Client Spotlight - Stu

Updated: Apr 9

Welcome to the third Client Spotlight post.

I've been interviewing some of my regular (and new) clients and featuring them in their centre-stage posts. Clients have been sharing their experiences, insights & tips from a client's perspective as a valued customer of Male Massage Surrey.


naturist massage service

This Client Spotlight post features Stu. Stu is an existing client of mine, and he usually visits me once a week for some relaxation after a heavy week of training.

If you're considering becoming a new client of Male Massage Surrey in Woking, I highly recommend reading the Client Spotlight posts for a true insight into the client experience.

If you'd like to be part of future Client Spotlight posts, please email me at

How did you discover Male Massage Surrey?

I think I first spotted one of your online ads somewhere, but then I did a Google search for Male Massage Therapists in Surrey, and your name came up. I was impressed by the depth of your website's information and the volume of positive reviews you had received from previous clients; then I also discovered one of my mates from my gym goes to you too, and he said I should get booked in and I wouldn't regret it.

Did you find it easy to book an appointment?

Very easy to book an appointment. The online booking process is simple, efficient and user-friendly and I appreciate the clarity and communication via email.

What was it about Male Massage Surrey that stood out to you?

I've been a naturist for most of my life, and I was delighted to discover Male Massage Surrey. The website contains a wealth of information about naturism and massage, making it easy for people new to naturistm to understand. I also like that you work from home. I dislike impersonal spas and salons; coming to you, Simon, makes me appreciate the personal treatment and quality. Being able to hang out with a fellow naturist is also a bonus.

What were your first impressions when you arrived for your massage?

You are always courteous and friendly, and your apartment is immaculate, making everything feel more personal and relaxing. Being in a naturist setting is a bonus and the best way to experience all that naturist massage offers.

Did you have any apprehensions?

No, I had no apprehensions at all. I thought I would, but I was chilled about the whole experience. I'll try anything once!

How was your massage, and what did you enjoy the most?

I train hard through the week and have sports massages for that reason. I come to Simon at Male Massage Surrey for something very different; a sense of calm and relaxation. I like how Simon's massage therapy makes me feel; he provides personalised attention and ensures I'm always comfortable. He gives me what I need to relax my body and mind completely. I enjoyed the whole experience. His massage style has a nice, slow flow to it. Feels terrific as he works his way around my entire body, and up and down my thighs with that even pressure and attention; it is some next-level relaxation. I liked how my massage ended, too and then he finished with some gentle music and a rub down with a towel; I thought the awakening scent that filled the room as we finished was a great touch.

Did you think it was good value for money?

You will be hard-pressed to find a similar service for the price—let alone one that is as effective, reliable, or convenient. Simon's services are a bargain for the quality and quantity of what he offers, and you'd easily pay more than twice as much at a spa for their least expensive packages without the naturist aspect. I've recently signed up for the VIP PLUS Membership, which for me is excellent value for money.

Would you visit again?

Yes, I visit Male Massage Surrey every week. I like to schedule appointments in advance, so I know I'll be able to relax regularly.

What advice would you give to anyone considering making an appointment?

Don't mess about. Just get booked in.

Clients featured in the Spotlight posts were not paid or given any freebies in exchange for their feedback.


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