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Client Spotlight - Patrick

Updated: Apr 9

Welcome to the second Client Spotlight post.

Over the next few weeks, I'll interview some of my regular (and new) clients and feature them in their centre-stage posts. I'll be asking each client a series of questions that invites them to share their experiences, insights & tips from a client's perspective as a valued customer of Male Massage Surrey.


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This Client Spotlight post features Patrick. Patrick is an existing client of mine and one whom I always look forward to visiting as we usually forgo the standard silence and end up chatting for most of it!

If you're considering becoming a new client of Male Massage Surrey in Woking, I highly recommend reading the Client Spotlight posts for a true insight into the client experience.

If you think you'd like to be part of future Client Spotlight posts, please send me an email at

How did you discover Male Massage Surrey?

I had heard of male masseurs in the southeast but thought it was probably too far to travel to. Thing was, I’d never bothered to find out exactly where they were, so I googled and was delighted to find Male Massage Surrey in Woking.

Did you find it easy to book an appointment?

The online appointment system was easy to navigate once I’d gotten the hang of it. Still, Simon had thought of everything in case there were people like me who had never worked with computers and gave alternative methods of booking an appointment, such as using WhatsApp. I did, however, book on the site system quite easily.

What was it about Male Massage Surrey that stood out to you?

I had never ever had a massage, so I had lots of questions to ask. Like I said before, Simon had thought of everything, and his site is so detailed and easy to read that it answered every question I had. I also picked up on his humour in the way he worded things, and I realised that the experience was not going to be really intense but very pleasurable. That’s what stood out to me the most about his service.

What were your first impressions when you arrived for your massage?

First of all, there was onsite free parking which was ideal. Secondly, the location was very smart and clean. When Simon opened the door, I was greeted by a warm, friendly face which immediately put me at ease. Upon entering, the room was warm, dimly lit with candles with very relaxing music. It was all set up and looked very professional. Everything was so clean and fresh too. There were little friendly notices here and there as to where to put my belongings in the same room, and I got the impression almost straight away that I was in a ‘safe place’.

Did you have any apprehensions?

Having never had a massage before, yes, I was apprehensive. I got into the car park early and felt a little nervous about the whole thing. However, I had a good idea of what to expect because Simon's website was so detailed. So I tried to focus on that instead and his humour. I’m a gym goer, so I was used to getting undressed in front of other people but lying on the bed totally naked, which I had never done before. But Simon got undressed first, which made me feel a lot easier.

How was your massage, and what did you enjoy the most?

Simon's hands were lovely and warm. That was the first thing I noticed. If they were cold, I would have jumped the height of the ceiling!! He started on my legs and knew exactly the right amount of pressure to apply. He is very laid back in his approach but also very professional. We chatted about this and that, although I was given the choice to not say anything if I didn’t want to and just enjoy the massage. I could listen to Simon talking all day; I really could. He has a very soothing, easy-to-listen to voice, which was an addition to the relaxed environment.

I have had mental health issues all my life. I have battled with depression and anxiety since a young child, and more recently, I was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have tried various relaxation methods such as meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy. So I knew what I was looking for in furthering relaxation to another level, but I had never experienced it deeply. Not until I met Simon and had a full body massage by him. The thing I enjoyed the most was feeling another man’s hands massaging me. In fact, I felt I was entering into another dimension of relaxation lying there on the bed. I felt like I was floating. I could have stayed all day long and didn’t want Simon to stop. By the time I got home, I felt that my head was cleared from the ‘fog’ I experience, and my entire body felt so relaxed.

Did you think it was good value for money?

In a word - yes. I have had several massages from Simon, and if I didn’t think it was good value for money, I would not have returned. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Would you visit again?

Most definitely. I cannot put a price on Simon’s services. I have never felt so relaxed and unwound afterwards. The entire experience was a total pleasure, and I’m just so glad I came across him. He is such a lovely friendly guy, too, which helped me because my CPTSD causes me to subconsciously have my guard up on people that I don’t know. If I had my guard up on Simon, I would never have felt relaxed.

What advice would you give to anyone considering making an appointment?

I’d say to read the information on Simon’s website thoroughly first. Picture it in your mind and read his reviews from his clients. If you have any further questions or need some reassurance, Simon gives contact details where you can talk to him personally.

I have no doubt that Simon will put your fears to rest as he did mine.

Then step back and think about what you have got to lose by booking an appointment and experiencing a truly wonderful all-body massage, and coming out with your head cleared and your body so relaxed.

Clients featured in the Spotlight posts were not paid or given any freebies in exchange for their feedback.

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